Shanling MG600 Earphones Review – Aged to Perfection

Shanling MG600 Review

The Shanling MG600 Earphones is a device that plays music. When it is "well-balanced", it means that the different parts of the music, such as the bass and the treble, are all at the right levels and sound good together.

Shanling MG600 Earphones

When it says "effortlessly captures the heart", it means that the music played by the Shanling MG600 is so good that it can make you feel emotions without even trying. You might feel happy, sad, or excited just by listening to the music.

Finally, "without any flashy tricks" means that the Shanling MG600 doesn't need to do anything special or showy to make you enjoy the music. It's simply good on its own.

Shanling is a well-known brand that makes electronic devices that play music. They used to make portable music players called DAPs, and now they make small devices called dongle DAC/amps that improve the sound quality of music played from phones or computers.

Shanling devices: the M0, which is a portable music player they've had for a while and trust, and the UP4, which they used as a portable music source for almost a year.

A company started making in-ear headphones (IEMs) in addition to their other products. They made a line of IEMs called the ME series, which had a combination of different types of speakers inside them. People generally liked these headphones.

The person speaking listened to one of the models called the Shanling MG600 Earphones Lite and was impressed with how well they were tuned (meaning they sounded good and had the right balance of bass, midrange, and treble). However, the person personally prefers headphones with only one type of speaker called a dynamic driver (DD).

Shanling MG600 Earphones Overview

the Shanling MG600 headphones exceeded my expectations with their impressive sound quality. I initially anticipated a mellow sound lacking in detail and dynamics, but Shanling's design proved me wrong. These headphones are perfect for unwinding and listening to music without concentrating too much on the intricacies.

The Shanling MG600 Earphones offers a musical and open sound profile, without compromising on technical proficiency. It boasts of fast and deep bass, transparent midrange, and refined treble. Moreover, the soundstage is expansive and atmospheric, with exceptional instrument separation and clear notes.


  • Quick and impactful bass response
  • Clear and authentic midrange
  • Bright and well-controlled high frequencies
  • Precise notes with a polished texture
  • Open and expansive soundstage
  • Impeccable sound imaging
  • Exceptional sound separation
  • Engaging and expressive musical performance
  • Premium modular connectivity options


  • The cable is somewhat uncomfortable.
  • The treble has a slightly lower sense of detail.
  • The upper treble extension is marginally limited.

As soon as I caught wind of the release of MG's single dynamic driver line, I was certain that I needed to lay my hands on the MG600 model. Its attractive features, including a stabilized maple wood shell and a solitary DD, were simply irresistible to me. I am pleased to report that my decision was highly rewarding.

Technical Specifications
Driver Single 10mm dynamic driver with carbon and graphite fiber composite diaphragm and aluminum/magnesium dome
Construction Semi-open
Shell Stabilized maple wood
Impedance 22Ω
Frequency Range 20-40kHz
Sensitivity 105±3dB
Cable 1.3m long octa-core single crystal copper and silver-plated copper hybrid cable with modular connectors

Shanling MG600 Packaging

Shanling MG600 Earphones

The IEMs (In-Ear Monitors) are small earphones that go inside your ears, but the box that they come in is not small. The box is a bright, happy sky-blue color and looks very nice. When you open the box, you will see that everything is organized neatly inside.

The earphones themselves, a modular cable, connectors, a carrying case, and different ear tips are all stored in their own special spaces. This makes it easy to keep everything together and find what you need when you want to use your earphones.

In the Pacakging box

Shanling MG600 Earphones

  • In the box, you will find a pair of earphones called MG600 IEMs.
  • They come with a cable that you can switch the plug on the end between 2.5mm, 3.5mm, and 4.4mm sizes.
  • There are also 9 pairs of silicone ear tips, which are the little pieces that go in your ears, and they come in 3 different types.
  • Additionally, there are 2 pairs of ear tips that are a mix of silicone and foam, and another 2 pairs of ear tips called Spinfit.
  • Finally, there is a case to carry everything in that is made of pleather, which is a type of synthetic leather.

Shanling MG600 Earphones

The pine green pleather carrying case is precisely the right size. It stands out to me because I often find bundled carrying cases to be either too large or too small. This one, on the other hand, strikes the perfect balance, comfortably accommodating the IEMs, cable, and all the connectors without being excessively bulky.

Shanling MG600 Earphones Cable

Shanling MG600 Earphones

The paragraph is describing a cable, probably for headphones or earphones. The writer thinks the cable looks good, but it is not very flexible and feels heavy because of the solid metal splitter and the cable's own thickness. The cable also pulls down on the ear because of its weight. The earhooks that hold the earphones in place are also a bit tight.

After a while, the MG600 becomes uncomfortable due to these factors.

The cable is made of six cores of high-purity single-crystal copper and two cores of silver-plated copper. This means that it is made of good quality materials that should transmit sound well. The modular connection, which is the part that plugs into the earphones, is a good length and fits tightly. This means that it should not come loose easily, even if the cable is pulled suddenly. The right-angled plug at the end of the cable is less likely to get bent by accident.

Eartips for MG600 Earphones

The package from Shanling MG600 contains a diverse range of ear tips, which includes:

  • Three pairs of Vocal ear tips (It appears that the sizes are mislabeled, with the M being marked as S and S as XS).
  • Three pairs of Soundstage ear tips.
  • Three pairs of Bass ear tips.
  • Two pairs of Balanced ear tips, both of which are M-sized.
  • Two pairs of Spinfit CP100 ear tips.

Shanling MG600 Earphones

The text describes different types of ear tips that can be used with the MG600 earphones. Ear tips are the small attachments that go on the end of the earphone and go into your ear canal.

The "Vocal" ear tips are short and wide, but they reduce the bass sound too much. The "Bass" ear tips are narrow and similar to a specific brand of silicone ear tips, but they make the overall sound too crowded or congested. The "Soundstage" ear tips are special and comfortable, with a long stem and a wide nozzle that doesn't compromise the bass sound while keeping the soundstage wide. The writer likes these the best.

The "Balanced" ear tips are a mix of silicone and foam, but they are too stiff for the writer to use. Finally, the "Spinfit" ear tips don't fit the writer's ears well.

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Shanling MG600 Earphones Design

The MG600 are in-ear headphones that are so good-looking that even people who really don't like them will agree that they are very attractive. The outside of the headphones are made of maple wood and have a really cool combination of blue resin and brown wood that looks both modern and old-fashioned at the same time.

The shiny finish on the wood makes them even more beautiful. The back of the headphones has a pretty design that lets some sound in and out, and the gold logo of the company that makes them, Shanling, makes them even fancier.

Comfort and isolation

Shanling MG600 Earphones

The MG600 is a small and round-shaped device that has a nozzle that sticks out a bit. This design makes it unique and very comfortable to wear, so much so that you can even sleep while wearing them without any trouble. Even though they are semi-open back, they are still good at blocking out unwanted noise and improving the sound quality a little bit. So, overall, the MG600 is a very comfortable and effective device for listening to music or other audio while still being aware of your surroundings.

MG600 Earphones Internals

Shanling MG600 Earphones

Shanling is a company that makes earbuds. Inside their earbuds, they use a special part called a "driver" that makes sound. Normally, the driver is made of one material, but Shanling's driver is made of a mix of carbon and graphite fibers with a metal dome in the middle. This is a unique design that I haven't heard of before.

Now, the important question is, how do these earbuds sound? Let's find out!

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Shanling MG600 Earphones Sound

Shanling MG600 Earphones

The MG600 is a type of audio equipment, probably headphones or speakers. At first, they may not seem extremely impressive, but you would have a difficult time finding anything negative or unpleasant about them. They have a subtle and distinct refinement that makes them stand out from other similar products. Shanling, the company that makes the MG600, has worked hard to make sure that the sound balance is excellent, with all three frequency ranges (high, medium, and low) present and distinct without one being louder or more prominent than the others.

Bass at Shanling MG600 Earphones

The bass produces a powerful and well-managed sound, with a satisfactory level of swiftness.

Subbass and midbass are different types of low-frequency sounds in music. Subbass is the very low-frequency sound that you can feel more than hear, like a rumble or vibration in your chest. It has a quick decay, meaning the sound fades away quickly after it's played. When subbass is done well, it adds a clean and powerful depth to the music without sounding bloated or muddy.

Midbass, on the other hand, is a slightly higher frequency range that adds punch and impact to the music. It's still low enough to be felt but also heard. When midbass is done well, it has a powerful, fast, and full-bodied slam that adds excitement and energy to the music.

The examples given in the passage illustrate how good subbass and midbass can make a significant difference in the sound of the music. In "Angel" by Massive Attack and "Bullet In The Head" by Rage Against the Machine, the bassline and bass guitar riff are noticeable and prominent without getting in the way of the other instruments.

In "Hot For Teacher" by Van Halen, the fast kickdrums create a bassline that sounds like a motorbike, and in "Enter Sandman" by Metallica, the heavy drums add power to the music without overwhelming the vocals and guitars.

Midrange on Shanling MG600 Earphones

The midrange possesses a clear and distinct sound that is devoid of any strain or exhaustion, while also having a well-defined and noticeable presence. It is transparent, authentic, and exhibits a hint of warmth.

The passage is talking about the sound quality of a device called the MG600, which is able to accurately and beautifully reproduce music. The author specifically discusses the way the device handles different types of instruments and vocal performances.

When playing music with male vocals, the MG600 is able to capture the deep and throaty quality of the singer's voice, making it sound very natural and organic. The example given is Leonard Cohen's performance of the song "Hallelujah," which apparently sounds outstanding on the MG600. The device is also good at reproducing background vocals, as evidenced by the prominent chorus in the same song.

When it comes to string instruments, the MG600 does a great job of rendering each note in a way that is appropriate to the soulfulness and divinity of the music being played. An example given is the acoustic guitar in Estas Tonne's "Strings of a Bard," which apparently sounds very moving and expressive on the device. The electric guitar riff in Ozzy Osbourne's "Crazy Train" is also described as sounding dynamic and crunchy.

Finally, the author discusses the way the MG600 handles female vocals. They describe the device as being able to reproduce powerful and non-sibilant voices in a way that is a delight to listen to. Examples given include Yao Si Ting's silky voice in "Scarborough Fair," Sara Bareilles's lively and slightly gritty voice in "Love Song," and Whitney Houston's captivating voice in "I Will Always Love You." According to the author, these voices are able to soar high without ever sounding piercing or unpleasant, and they have a full yet ethereal quality.

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Shanling MG600 Earphones Treble

Although the treble is slightly less energetic in comparison, it possesses a refined brilliance that unmistakably stands out in the overall mix.

This passage is describing the sound quality of the treble section of an audio system or a musical instrument. The upper treble range is limited but still noticeable, while the lower treble has a good amount of brightness and clarity. The overall sound is warm-bright, and the treble is positioned slightly away from the listener while still being energetic enough to be heard clearly in a busy musical passage.

The notes in the treble section have a slight smoothness at their beginning, making them feel slightly smaller in size, but not thin. The textures in the upper treble range are not as pronounced, but cymbal hits are crisp and clear. Hi-hat and cymbal rolls feel smooth but not too subdued. Overall, the treble section has a sound that is soft and brilliant, with a refined quality.

Some examples of different musical tracks, where the treble section sounds excellent. The finger cymbals in Steely Dan's "Do It Again" are easily discernible in the mix, and the cymbal roll in Metallica's "Enter Sandman" sounds clear, crisp, and placed at a distance. In Mitski's "Your Best American Girl," both bold and delicate treble notes are played splendidly with audible differences in the different pitches.

Shanling MG600 Earphones Soundstage, imaging, and details

The MG600 has a semi-open back design that results in a clean, spacious, and airy presentation overall.

This passage is talking about the quality of sound and how it's being presented. The "stage" is a term used to describe the imaginary space where the sound is coming from. It's being described as "well-proportioned" in all three dimensions, meaning it has a nice balance of width, height, and depth. This creates a large "headspace," which is where the sound appears to be coming from.

The "background" of the sound is described as clean, meaning there are no unwanted echoes or distortions. The "imaging" is precise, meaning the sound is placed very accurately in the space, making it easy to tell where each instrument is coming from. The instruments are also distributed evenly throughout the space, making it feel like a three-dimensional experience.

The "Shanling MG600 sound" is being evaluated for its "dynamic" qualities, which means how powerful and impactful it sounds. The bass is described as powerful and clean, which is impressive. The "macrodynamics" are noteworthy, meaning the overall impact of the sound is impressive.

The "microdynamics" refer to the details of the sound. The bass and midrange are detailed, and the treble is almost excellent, but slightly compromised. The "finer textures" are easy to notice. The "separation between notes" is good, meaning you can hear each individual instrument clearly, and there is enough space between them.


Comparison with 634EARS LOAK-T(CL)

The LOAK-T(CL) is a type of audio equipment made by the company 634EARS, and it is currently their most advanced model. It produces a sound that is sharper and more detailed than another model called the MG600. This means that you can hear the different notes more clearly and the music sounds more dynamic. The bass is more powerful and the midrange is more transparent and vibrant. The treble is very energetic and has an ethereal quality that makes it sound exciting.

However, if a song has a harsh or hot upper midsection, the LOAK-T(CL) might not be the best choice because it could cause discomfort. Despite producing a more detailed sound, the LOAK-T(CL) has not compromised the body of the notes in any way, and they sound almost like they are real. The soundstage, or the perception of the three-dimensional space in which the music is being played, is slightly more spacious, and the overall sound is airier with a higher degree of separation between different instruments or sounds.

On the other hand, the Shanling MG600 Earphones offers a marginally sleeker, more pleasant, and more natural audio experience, which perfectly complements the listener. The soundstage is adequately spacious and open, while each note is sharp, well-defined, and never harsh or grating, yet still effectively conveying the music's inherent energy. Moreover, the entire range of frequencies exhibits a highly polished and suitably lively quality.

Shanling MG600 Earphones Purchase


The MG600 is a type of in-ear monitor (IEM) that has surprised the writer with its excellent sound quality. Before trying them, the writer expected the sound to be smooth but lacking detail and dynamics. However, the MG600 proved to have a perfect balance of musicality and technical performance.

The bass is fast and heavy, while the midrange is organic and transparent, and the treble is smooth yet brilliant. This is a rare combination to achieve in a pair of IEMs. Additionally, the soundstage is spacious and airy, the separation is excellent, the presentation is dynamic, and the notes are crisp and controlled.

Overall, the MG600 is an exceptional offering from Shanling that provides both musicality and technical excellence. The writer feels amazed every time they listen to them and believes that they truly embody Shanling's slogan of "Enjoy Music. Anytime. Anywhere."

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