Geek Wold GK100 Review: Embracing Technical Greatness with Geeky Delight!


Geek Wold GK100 Review

The Geek Wold GK100 is a paradise for enthusiasts who crave high-frequency brilliance, showcasing extraordinary technical abilities and analytical finesse.

Geek Wold GK100

Numerous newcomers express their admiration for gear that boasts a high number of drivers, believing that more drivers automatically translate to superior sound quality. However, experienced audiophiles will argue that the key factors of tuning and implementation outweigh the sheer count of drivers.

The GK100 is a set that will surely capture the hearts of treble enthusiasts with its four piezoelectric drivers that produce a spacious air and brilliant sparkle. Moreover, these headphones can also serve as exceptional stage monitors or audio work tools, thanks to their outstanding sonic accuracy and better-than-average isolation.

It is worth noting, however, that the GK100 may not appeal to everyone as they lean towards a more clinical sound and are not particularly "musical." People who are sensitive to treble should test them out before making a purchase, and they may not be the first choice for bass enthusiasts or those who prefer a thicker and more luxurious sound.


  • Durable construction and comfortable fit
  • Impressive range of accessories included
  • Hakugei cable is of high quality and offers versatile options for pairing with different sources
  • Above-average noise isolation
  • Outstanding technical performance
  • Despite its unconventional blend of drivers, the sound remains well-balanced and cohesive.


  • Some of the drawbacks of these headphones include being picky about matching them with the right audio source.
  • They may not be suitable for people who prefer heavy bass.
  • Additionally, individuals who are sensitive to high-pitched sounds might perceive them as overly sharp or bright.
  • Finally, the headphones have a lightweight sound signature and a slight metallic ringing in the upper frequencies, which may not appeal to everyone.

In simpler terms, today we are going to test a very big and powerful speaker system that has nine drivers. We want to see if this speaker system, called the Geek Wold GK100, can blend all of its high-quality parts together to create a great sound experience, like a fancy nine-course meal at a fancy restaurant. Let's keep reading to find out how well it performs!

Company Overview

Geek Wold is a company from China that specializes in a very specific area of business. They are so specialized that they don't even have a website on the internet.

Their most popular product is called the GK10 IEMs, which are small earbuds that fit inside your ear to play music or other sounds. They also have two other products called the GK3 and the GK80, which are probably similar to the Geek Wold GK100 but with some differences.

Technical Specifications
Form IEMs
Drivers 2 x balanced armature, 4 x piezoelectric,
3 x dynamic drivers (1 x 8mm DLC diaphragm,
2 x 8mm LCP diaphragm + composite titanium
diaphragm drivers)
Impedance (Ohm) 17Ω
Sensitivity (dB) 105
Frequency Response (Hz) 10Hz – 40kHz
Removable Cable Y
Cable 8-strand 6N single crystal copper silver-
plated wire
Source Plug modular 2.5mm, 3.5mm, 4.4mm plugs
Cup/Shell Plug 0.78 mm 2-pin

Geek Wold GK100 Packaging

Geek Wold GK100

  • The box contains a pair of earphones called "Geek World GK100 IEMs".
  • The earphones come with different sizes of silicone ear tips (small, medium, and large) that have different sized holes.
  • There are three pairs of each size, for a total of nine pairs of ear tips.
  • The earphones also come with a cable that has three modular plugs, allowing it to be used with different devices.

Geek Wold GK100

  • A carrying case is included to keep the earphones safe when not in use.
  • A shirt clip is also included to attach the cable to clothing and prevent tangling or pulling.
  • Foam tips, which some people prefer for noise isolation, are not included.
  • Overall, the included accessories are good for a pair of earphones priced around USD$200.
  • The use of narrow-bore tips tends to enhance bass and limit the soundstage, while wide-bore tips tend to amplify treble and widen the soundstage.

Geek Wold GK100 Cable

Geek Wold GK100

Geek World didn't use a cheap cable for their product, they used a really good one made by a famous company called Hakugei. The cable is thick, won't get tangled easily, and is well-made with a tight weave, so it doesn't create much noise. There's a little clip you can use to keep the cable in place on your shirt, which will also help reduce noise. The best thing about this cable is that it has different plugs at one end, so you can use it with different kinds of devices that have different sized headphone jacks.

GK100 Headphones Case

Geek Wold GK100

The accessory line-up is finalized with a semi-rigid carrying case that is gray and generic in appearance. In order to avoid introducing any external factors that may affect the sound quality, I conducted the review using only the original narrow-bore ear tips and cable, without any aftermarket modifications.

Geek Wold GK100 headphones Design

Geek Wold GK100

The GK100 utilizes half-moon housings made of resin material. The inner portion of the housing has a sleek jet-black color, while the faceplate boasts a stylish marbled aquamarine design with the Geek World logo in golden hues. One of the highlights of the shells is the presence of 2-pin connectors, which I find preferable over MMCX jacks that may experience wear and tear from regular cable swapping.

Comfortable @ GK100 headphones

Geek Wold GK100

The GK100 earbuds feature shells that are crafted with ergonomics in mind, incorporating a small concha protrusion to enhance their grip. Their edges are smooth and even after long listening sessions, I experienced no discomfort. While driver flex was not an issue with the pair I used, this may vary depending on the ear tips and the user's ear anatomy. Despite being vented, the GK100 still provide better-than-average noise isolation.

Geek Wold GK100 headphones Internals

The "internals" being referred to in this passage are the components that make up a set of earphones called the GK100. These earphones have a unique design that uses a total of nine different speakers, or "drivers," to produce sound.

To ensure that all of these drivers work together seamlessly, the GK100 uses a four-way crossover design. This means that different frequencies of sound are directed to different drivers to produce a more cohesive and balanced sound overall.

The low-end frequencies are handled by an 8mm dynamic driver that uses a special composite titanium diaphragm sub-bass woofer along with an LCP diaphragm driver for the mid-bass frequencies. The midrange frequencies are covered by another 8mm dynamic driver using DLC technology.

The lower treble frequencies are produced by two composite balanced armature drivers working in tandem with two 8mm piezoelectric drivers. Finally, the upper treble frequencies are handled by a pair of piezoelectric tweeters.

All of these components work together to produce a high-quality and detailed sound experience for the listener.

Geek Wold GK100 Sound

The GK100 IEMs can be considered somewhat user-friendly in terms of driving. Nevertheless, it is crucial to ensure an appropriate match between the audio source and the earphones. The three dynamic drivers necessitate a certain level of power to deliver dynamic sound, but excessive power can cause the piezoelectric drivers to produce harsh audio. Overall, the GK100 IEMs are neutral and highly detailed, providing a transparent audio experience. "Transparent" would be an apt descriptor for the GK100.

The technical features of the GK100 are its most impressive aspect, and it can be argued that they are among the best in its price range, which is approximately USD$200.

With the aid of four piezoelectric drivers, the GK100 produces a remarkable high-frequency range and rapid transients that add a touch of brilliance to the sound. This pair of headphones is rich in minute details and provides an expansive three-dimensional soundstage. Its imaging and instrument separation capabilities are exceptional, enabling listeners to distinctly locate individual instruments against a dark backdrop.

The GK100 is a product designed for analytical enthusiasts, as indicated by its brand name.

The GK100 reign supreme in capturing even the most subtle details, from the lingering twang of a bass string to the faint squeaks of a guitar fretboard, the gentle hits on cymbals, and even the sounds emanating from the audience. These minute nuances are clearly audible with the GK100. In the realm of complex riffs, the GK100 are unrivaled, deftly navigating challenging tracks and skillfully carving out pockets of space for competing instruments.

These in-ear monitors reveal any imperfections in the music, meaning that inadequately recorded tracks will be accurately represented.

The coherence is unexpectedly good as the triple DDs are able to match the agility of the nimble BAs, and the piezoelectric drivers are functioning well at higher frequencies.

The GK100 may not be perceived as the most "musical" in terms of its organic playback.

The weight of the note is light, and there is a deficiency of flesh in the bones. The vocals have a tendency to sound nasal, but the timbre of acoustic instruments is satisfactory. However, there is a presence of a piezo zing, which is expected since piezoelectric transducers are employed.

GK100 headphones Bass

The bass leans slightly towards neutrality and lacks deep rumble and sub-bass extension. In all honesty, those who prioritize heavy bass may want to explore alternative choices.

The midbass of the Geek Wold GK100 delivers a punchy, fast, and clean performance without any mid-bass bleed. While prioritizing bass quality, this speaker also offers good texturing, rather than just sheer quantity.

Midrange on Geek Wold GK100

The lower midrange exhibits a slight dip, followed by a 9dB pinna gain that enhances the upper mids. Although the upper mids are almost aggressive, they don't become excessively loud, which enables the vocals to be prominent. Additionally, there is no mid-bass interference that could disrupt the midrange, resulting in a distinct and well-structured frequency range.

Geek Wold GK100 Treble

The high-frequency range of the sound is extensively expanded, providing exceptional resolution and detail retrieval with a noticeable sense of openness. However, the sound can be harsh and piercing with sibilance, particularly with cymbals and high hats. Individuals who appreciate pronounced treble will enjoy it, but those who are sensitive to high-pitched sound may not.

Fortunately, there are various methods to reduce the harshness, such as using EQ or utilizing sibilance damping tips, such as Final E black tips or foam tips, or listening on a warmer audio source. To achieve the best listening experience, it is recommended to play the  GK100 at low to moderate volumes, according to the Fletcher Munson curve. At higher volumes, the treble and upper midrange frequencies may be overemphasized, resulting in listener fatigue.

The GK100 is an excellent choice for stage monitoring, critical listening, or audio work, showcasing impressive technical skills.


In simpler terms, GK100 will be compared to other speakers that use piezoelectric drivers and are sold at a similar price. However, other types of speakers, such as those with a single dynamic driver, planar magnetic drivers, and multiple balanced armature drivers will not be included in the comparison because each type of driver has its own advantages and disadvantages.

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Comparison with LZ A7

The LZ A7 is a type of earphone that uses different types of sound drivers, which are like tiny speakers that create sound. These drivers are called Balanced Armatures (BAs), Dynamic Drivers (DDs), and piezoelectric drivers.

The interesting thing about the LZ A7 is that you can change the sound profile of the earphone by adjusting some switches and nozzles. These switches and nozzles are located on each earpiece, and you can screw them on or off to change the way the earphone sounds.

In total, the LZ A7 offers ten different sound profiles that you can choose from by adjusting these switches and nozzles. This makes the earphone very versatile because you can customize the sound to your liking or for different types of music.

In simpler terms, the A7 is a type of headphones that can be adjusted to have different types of sound profiles, such as a strong emphasis on bass or a more balanced sound. On the other hand, the GK100 headphones only have one sound profile.

Both the A7 and the Geek Wold GK100 headphones are good when it comes to the technical aspects of sound quality, but the GK100 performs better in creating a sense of space and separation between different sounds. The A7, however, produces a more natural sound with a stronger emphasis on each note.

Finally, the A7 headphones are also easier to use with different devices because they don't require as much power to work as the GK100 headphones.

Comparison with BQEYZ Winter

The Winter is a type of headphones that uses a special type of speaker called a "piezoelectric bone conduction driver" to produce high-pitched sounds. When compared to another type of headphones called the GK100, the Winter headphones have a similar sound quality but are not as good at reproducing small details in music and separating different instruments. However, the Winter headphones are easier to use with devices like phones or computers, but they don't block out outside noise as well.

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Places to Purchase Geek Wold GK100 Headphones

Final Thoughts on Geek Wold GK100

The Geek Wold GK100 has really good technical capabilities that can pick up on even small and subtle details in music. This means that users can really hear and evaluate all the small nuances and intricacies in the music they're listening to.

The Geek Wold GK100 is a pair of high-end headphones that come with really good accessories, including a special cable that can be used with different kinds of audio equipment. If you really love to hear high-pitched sounds, these headphones are great because they have four special drivers that create a lot of detail and sparkle in the music you're listening to. These headphones are also good for use on stage or in a recording studio because they provide really clear and accurate sound, and they block out a lot of outside noise.

The GK100 is a type of in-ear monitor (IEM) that is designed to provide very clear and detailed sound, but it might not be the best choice for everyone. People who are sensitive to high-pitched sounds might not like the way the GK100 sounds. Also, if you really like lots of bass or a more "full" sound, the Geek Wold GK100 might not be the best option for you.

If you need IEMs for performing on stage or recording in a studio, you might find that the Geek Wold GK100 is a good choice because it is very technically advanced and precise. Typically, headphones that have this level of technical proficiency cost more than the Geek Wold GK100's list price of around $200.

Overall, the Geek Wold GK100 is a great choice for people who appreciate technical accuracy in their headphones, but it may not be the best choice for people who prefer a warmer or more musical sound.

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