TGXear Serratus Review: The Best Headset for Streaming and Podcasting

TGXear Serratus is a premium gaming headset that promises to elevate your audio experience to new heights. With its sleek design and advanced features, it's the perfect companion for gamers, streamers, and content creators alike. Our review covers everything you need to know about this headset, from its sound quality and comfort to its compatibility with various devices. Discover how TGXear Serratus can take your gaming and content creation to the next level.

TGXear Serratus

Review of TGXear Serratus: Your Gateway to Premium Audio Quality

The TGXear Serratus has excellent clarity and volume range, and the sound quality is further enhanced by a lively and well-balanced tone.

Jim Park is a person who is highly regarded in the Head-Fi community. He is skilled in various areas, particularly in classical music and acoustic engineering. These abilities have driven him to create TGXear, which is a brand that produces personal audio products that meet his high expectations.

Jim Park creates products that have a well-balanced sound quality, providing a natural and realistic sound, and making the listener feel like they are in the middle of the action. He personally assembles and tunes each product by hand in Vancouver, Canada, ensuring that each one meets his high standards of quality control. The end result is an exceptional audio experience that is unforgettable.

TGXear Serratus

In simpler terms

The sound quality of the earbuds called "Serratus" is impressive. Even though they have a balanced and bright tone, the sound is well-balanced across all frequencies. The bass is clean and has a good amount of volume, the middle tones are clear, and the high tones are crisp. The sound feels spacious and detailed, making everything sound big and realistic. Overall, the Serratus earbuds are an excellent example of high-quality earbuds that sound natural and refined.

What we prefer in TGXear Serratus

  • The bass sounds very clean and natural.
  • The midrange is tactile, vivid, and transparent, meaning that it has a lot of detail and clarity.
  • The treble is vibrant and goes very high, making the sound lively and exciting.
  • The notes are well-defined and full-bodied, giving a strong and clear sound.
  • The soundstage (i.e., the perceived space where the music seems to come from) extends well beyond the head, creating a spacious and immersive experience.
  • The separation between different sounds is very good, and the imaging (i.e., the placement of instruments and vocals in the soundstage) is highly articulated and precise.
  • The tonality (i.e., the overall sound balance) is neutral and bright, which means that there is no particular emphasis on any frequency range and the sound is generally clear and open.
  • The timbre (i.e., the unique quality of each instrument or voice) sounds natural, as if you were listening to the real thing.
  • The headphones are comfortable to wear, meaning that they don't cause discomfort or fatigue even after prolonged use.

What we aren't prefer in TGXear Serratus

  • It would have been better if the stage was a bit deeper.

At first, I didn't like using earbuds because they felt uncomfortable and didn't block out external sounds very well. But, after hearing good reviews from my friends about the TGXear Serratus earbuds, I became curious to try them out. These earbuds are now the most basic model that the company sells, but they used to be their best and most expensive option.

To put it simply, they showed me a completely new and amazing world of sounds that I had never heard before.

Technical Specifications of TGXear Serratus

Here are the technical specifications for a set of earbuds:

  • They are designed as small earpieces that fit inside your ears.
  • They contain a single 15.4mm speaker with a blue sapphire PET diaphragm, which helps produce high-quality sound.
  • The outer casing of the earbuds is made of stainless steel.
  • They have an impedance of 80Ω, which affects the amount of power needed to drive them.
  • The frequency range of these earbuds is 20-20,000 Hz, meaning they can reproduce a wide range of sounds.
  • They have a sensitivity rating of 102dB/mW, which indicates how loud they can get.
  • The cable that connects the earbuds to your device is 1.2m long and made of pure silver. It has a rhodium-plated 4.4mm balanced plug, which helps prevent interference and improve sound quality.

TGXear Serratus

The case is compact in size, yet strong and durable.

TGXear Serratus Packaging

The Serratus product is packaged in a simple and minimalist way. It comes in a small zippered case that is hard and durable, keeping everything organized and safe inside. The case is just the right size for carrying it around every day.

TGXear Serratus

The fact that the text is handwritten indicates that the company is very small.

Inside the package,

  • you will find Serratus earbuds, which come with additional low-density foams to improve your listening experience.
  • There is also an optional 4.4mm balanced to 3.5mm single-ended adaptor, which you can use if needed.
  • The package also includes a TGXear pin and a pair of rubber rings that you can use to get a better fit.
  • Finally, there is a non-detachable cable included as well.

TGXear Serratus Cable

The package contains Serratus earbuds that have additional low-density foams to enhance your listening experience. Additionally, there is an optional adaptor that allows you to connect the earbuds to different devices. The package also includes a TGXear pin and a pair of rubber rings that can help you get a better fit. Lastly, there is a non-detachable cable included in the package.

TGXear Serratus
The box has enough space to fit the earbuds and all of their accessories without any difficulty.

TGXear Serratus Design

At first, the Serratus product was only offered with a see-through MX500 shell. However, Jim began selling additional choices through his Instagram profile. These new shells are shaped like bells and crafted from a mix of resin and stainless steel.

The changes made to the MX500 shells don't have a significant impact on the sound compared to the original shells.

I selected SS Bell-shaped shells for my device because they give it a high-quality appearance. The shells are slightly heavy, but they do not cause any discomfort when worn in the ears. The rough finish also gives it an industrial look.

TGXear Serratus

The small opening at the top is there to minimize any distortion that the driver may experience.


The ear shells are designed to fit comfortably inside the ear because of their small size and bell shape. However, sometimes they may feel a little loose-fitting because of their small size.

I used the rubber rings and foams that were given to me, and it made the fit better.


The "Blue Sapphire PET diaphragm" is a type of driver used in headphones that has a blue color. These headphones have a resistance of 80 ohms, which makes them difficult to use when connected directly to a phone's headphone jack. To make the most of these headphones, you need to pair them with an external device called a DAC/Amp.

TGXear Serratus

M7 and Serratus" are two items that sound very high quality when used together.

TGXear Serratus Sound

I tried using Hiegi high-density foam instead of the original foam on the Serratus. It felt more comfortable and improved the bass slightly. I used Shanling M7, Shanling UA3, and iFi XDSD Gryphon as my sources for testing.

The first time I wore the Serratus and listened to music, I felt incredibly happy. The sound was so clear and powerful that it left me speechless. It was like the music had been perfectly adjusted and I could hear every detail. It was an amazing experience that allowed me to fully appreciate the music.

Soundstage, imaging, Information

Serratus has a unique way of presenting music that immerses you in the middle of it. The stage is wider than it is deep, but the exceptional layering compensates for this. The stage's width and height are extensive, creating a vast headspace. The musical notes are distinct from each other, with plenty of space between them.

The background is very clean and the instruments are placed very accurately in the available space.

To provide more specific information, if it isn't already clear how impressive they are, I want to make it very clear that Serratus can easily compete with more expensive In-Ear Monitors (IEMs) that I have listened to, such as the 634EARS LOAK-T(CL) and Sennheiser IE600.

The Serratus are exceptionally good and provide outstanding performance at an affordable price.

TGXear Serratus

The combination of iFi XDSD Gryphon with something else (not specified in this sentence) is really excellent.

TGXear Serratus Bass

The sound of the bass gives the impression that it's being played in an open space, rather than a closed room.

The notes are very clear and distinct, with a lot of detail, and the bass has a strong impact and low frequency that makes it sound very lifelike.

The bass sound creates the feeling that it is being played in a large area, rather than a small room. The notes are very clear and precise, with a lot of details, and the bass has a powerful impact and deep frequency that makes it sound very realistic.

The midbass produces a strong and sharp sound that has a lot of detail. It has enough depth and weight to feel like it's really there. The deep bass drums sound really strong, and the lighter kick drums can be heard clearly. The sound is clear and not muffled.

I'm really surprised by how powerful and clear the bass sounds, especially considering the price range. It's hard to believe that this region can be adjusted to such a high level of detail.

TGXear Serratus Midrange

The presentation is a very pleasant surprise because it is unexpectedly large, colorful, and has a lot of intricate details.

The middle part of something is shown in very clear and detailed quality. Simply put, it is extremely impressive.

The sound quality is neutral, but the overall result is lively and has a very natural sound. The individual notes are very clear, yet they also have a full-bodied quality, which is a rare combination. The absence of any background noise enhances the richness of the sound even further.

The male singing voices are treated equally, meaning they are processed or edited in a similar way. The deeper baritone voices still sound strong, but they don't sound too heavy or overpowering. The rough, raspy voices are still rough and scratchy, but they're not made to sound too harsh or painful to listen to.

The female singing voice sounds very exciting and different from anything heard before. It's full of energy and emotion, and gives the songs a fresh and lively feel. All aspects of the vocals - the smoothness, power, grittiness, and musicality - are equally improved. The sibilance (the "s" and "sh" sounds) is not too harsh, but is well-controlled and balanced.

The music instruments sound very real, and it feels like I can almost touch them. Each instrument has its unique sound, like the acoustic guitar which has a woody and natural tone, the electric guitar which has a crunchy and sharp sound, the lute which has a bright and sparkling sound, the saxophone which has a powerful and brassy tone, the violin which has a beautiful and bright melody, and the cello which has a deep and rich sound. Overall, everything sounds perfect!

TGXear Serratus

UA3 refers to a type of product, which when combined with Serratus, creates a pleasing and complementary taste due to its warmth and richness.

TGXear Serratus Treble

Get ready to be amazed because the excellence is being continued and elevated to even greater levels.

The sound produced by Serratus is full of energy and very bright, but not too overwhelming. The highest notes are long-lasting and shimmering. The lower notes are slightly quieter than the middle range, but still stand out with their beautiful tone.

The music sounds very realistic and full-bodied. The beginning of each note is well-defined without being too sharp. You can also hear all the small details of the music, even in a complicated mix. This part of the sound is both uncontrolled and sophisticated, making it stand out.

TGXear Serratus

Serratus has almost perfect pitch.

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I don't know how the TGXear SS Bell Serratus earbuds manage to sound so amazingly good, but they do, and I can't stop listening to them. The dynamics of the sound are incredibly impressive.

The sound of the device is bright, but not overly so. The bass is clear and enhanced just the right amount, while the midrange and treble are distinct and sharp. The soundstage is wide and creates a vibrant listening experience, with each sound being accurately placed.

These earbuds are a great example of how good quality earbuds can sound natural. They are the best in their price range and may not be surpassed for a long time.

However, you can search for reviews of TGXear Serratus online to find more information and opinions from other users who have tried the headset. This can help you make an informed decision before purchasing the product.

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