How Can I Access Simpleset Login Online

Simpleset Login: SimpleSet is a widely acclaimed exercise participation program designed for therapists and fitness trainers to create personalized home exercise regimes. Aimed primarily at aiding physiotherapists, the platform offers tools to enhance patient recovery with accessible exercise plans. SimpleSet provides varying pricing tiers catering to individual clinicians, medium-sized clinics, and larger enterprises.

Additionally, health science students can access the platform for free. The software not only tracks patient progress but also integrates with EMR systems, and offers a comprehensive database of exercises. The program underscores its efficacy in fostering therapeutic exercise and enhancing patient rehabilitation outcomes.


Access Simpleset Login Online

SimpleSet keeps a detailed record of patient progress between appointments. Get insights into how your patient perceives their rehab progress even before your next scheduled meeting.

  • Easy Access: Log in to your SimpleSet account using a straightforward process:
  • Website Navigation: Start by visiting the official website at
  • Login Access: Locate and click the "Login" link situated at the top right corner of the homepage.
  • Credentials: On the subsequent login page, you'll be prompted to input your username and password.
  • Account Entry: Finally, click the "Login" button, and you'll be granted access to your account.

How to Retrieve Simpleset Login Password

Official Website:

Login Access:

  • Locate and click on the ‘Login‘ link, positioned in the upper right corner of the homepage.

Password Reset:

  • Once on the login page, identify the ‘Forgot Password' link and click on it.
  • You'll then be prompted to provide your registered email address or username.
  • After entering the required information, click the ‘Reset' button.

Email Notification:

  • Check your email inbox for a notification from SimpleSet.
  • This email will contain a link designated for password reset purposes.

Resetting Password:

  • Open the received email and locate the password reset link.
  • Click on this link, which will redirect you to a page where you can establish a new password for your account.

About SimpleSet

  • Purpose: SimpleSet is an innovative exercise participation program tailored to provide a streamlined method for creating individualized training and exercise routines designed for home use.
  • Target Audience: Mainly used by therapists and fitness trainers with an aim to heal or enhance patients' health status.
  • Popularity: Holds significant favorability among physiotherapists due to its comprehensive tools and services.
  • Key Benefit: Prioritizes patient welfare by rolling out efficient and user-friendly exercise regimes.

Pricing Tiers:

For Health Science Students:

  • Cost: Free access.

Clinician Plan:

  • Cost: $7/month.
  • User Limit: Designed for individual use.
  • Features:
  • Access to the exclusive exercise library.
  • Comprehensive exercise programs.
  • Outcome measures and progress tracking.
  • Patient educational content.
  • Option to customize all content.
  • TeleHealth services.

Clinic Plan (2-15 Clinicians):

  • Cost: $7/month per seat.
  • User Limit: Suitable for clinics with 2-15 staff members.
  • Features:
      • Inherits all Clinician plan features.
      • Multiple user access.
      • Capability to host and disseminate custom content.
      • Co-treat patient facilities.

Enterprise Plan (>15 Clinicians):

  • Suitability: Tailored for large-scale organizations.
  • Pricing Details: Customized pricing available on inquiry.
  • Contact: For precise pricing, reach out through the official website or at

Simpleset Contact Details

315 10th St E
Saskatoon, SK S7N 0C8

1-855-773-8776 Mon to Fri, 9 am to 3 pm CST

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