Access Mybslhr Login Online-Brookdale Associate Login

Mybslhr Login: Mybslhr Login refers to the online portal specifically designed for the associates and employees of Brookdale Senior Living. Brookdale Senior Living is one of the leading providers of senior living solutions in the United States, offering various services ranging from assisted living to memory care and skilled nursing.

The Mybslhr Login portal serves as a centralized platform where employees can access a variety of resources and information related to their employment. This might include viewing their work schedules, checking benefits, accessing training materials, and communicating with management. By providing this digital gateway, Brookdale not only streamlines its operations but also ensures that its associates have convenient and secure access to pertinent information at their fingertips.


How To do Mybslhr Login Online

Mybslhr Login

  • Device Compatibility:
    • Android
    • iPhone
    • Desktop
  • Login Process:
    1. Navigate to the "Mybslhr login portal".
    2. Locate the fields for "Employee ID" and "Password".
    3. Carefully input your unique "Employee ID" and associated "Password".
    4. Once entered, tap or click on the "Sign In" button to access your account.

How to Retrieve Mybslhr Login Credentials

  • Start on the Homepage:
    • Navigate to the homepage where the login section is prominently displayed.
  • Locate the Reset Option:
    • Within the login section, you'll find an option labeled ‘Reset Password Here’. Go ahead and click on it.
  • Provide User ID:
    • Once you've clicked, you'll be directed to another page where you're required to enter your account User ID.
  • Initiate the Reset Process:
    • After entering your User ID, click on ‘Continue’. Doing so will trigger a password reset email to be sent to the email address associated with your account.
  • Email Verification & Password Reset:
    • Check your email for the password reset link.
    • Click on the link provided in the email. This step is crucial for verifying your identity.
    • Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the process and reset your account password.

Mybslhr Login through Brookdale Okta

  • Initial Access: Brookdale associates are provided with the convenience of a Single Sign On (SSO) to access their self-service portal.
  • Navigating to the Portal: To utilize this feature, you should head over to the official Brookdale Okta login page. The direct URL is:
  • Entering Login Details: Once on the portal, you'll need to input your specific login credentials. These are unique to each associate to ensure security and personalized access.
  • Application Selection: Post successful login, a range of applications will be available for selection. Here, you can opt for the application relevant to your needs.
  • Employee Self-Service Access: For those looking to tap into their employee accounts, you should select the "Mybslr" or the "employee self-service" option.
  • Advantage of Okta: Okta is a recognized platform offering single sign-on services for organizations. Its most compelling feature is its ability to grant users access to all organizational applications post a one-time Okta login. This significantly streamlines the process, making it user-friendly and efficient.

Mybslhr Portal

Brookdale Senior Living Solutions has developed the mybslhr website, a dedicated online portal for Associate self-service. This platform allows employees to tap into a range of Human Resources functions and also check their Payroll account online.

Upon joining any Brookdale Senior Living Solutions community center, an individual's personal and professional information is integrated into the company's database. Concurrently, unique login credentials are generated and provided to them. These credentials allow employees to navigate and manage their Brookdale Senior Living Solutions employee account. Not only can they review their pay stubs, but they can also delve into statement details, benefit offerings, health insurance plans, and more.

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